At last, safe, 100% U.S. made
pharmaceutical HCG is available

At last, a medically supervised HCG diet program using 100% pharmaceutical HCG! Most HCG sold online is homeopathic, meaning it contains less than 1% HCG. Although homeopathic HCG has worked for some people, Dr. Simmeon's original HCG diet utilized 100% medical grade HCG. Our program is an easy and affordable, and only uses pharmaceutical HCG.

Our Medically Supervised HCG program
We have scoured the nation to find the highest quality and most reasonably priced medical HCG diet programs. By clicking the link below, you will be redirected to our partner clinic's sign-up page. This clinic is on the cutting edge, offering 3 forms of medical HCG (injections, sublingual, and pellets), initial telemedicine doctor evaluation, ongoing diet coaching, and a complete HCG guide including recipes.

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How To Get Started

1. Click the order button to be redirected to our partner clinic site.

2. On the clinic site, choose your preferred form of HCG. Use the promo code "PharmaHCG" to ensure you receive your free HCG supplements kit.

3. Complete the medical evaluation and billing information. Your application will be reviewed within 24 hours. Upon program approval, you will be contacted by the clinic, and all supplies will be shipped.

Make sure to use the "PharmaHCG" promo code when ordering to get your free supplements!
How HCG works
HCG is a naturally occurring human hormone that triggers the body to release fat stores. Many people have stubborn fat that the body refuses to let go of, no matter how much they diet. When these people diet, the body perceives they are starving and as a precaution, it conserves their fat reserves. Dr. Simmeon's original research found that HCG combined with the HCG diet allowed the body to consume the fat it had been stubbornly hanging onto. As the body's fat is used for nutrition, the dieter is much less likely to experience hunger pains or weakness.
Why its hard to find 100% pharmaceutical HCG
It has been very difficult to find safe, U.S. made, 100% pharmaceutical HCG online. Most sites offer homeopathic HCG, which is cheaper to make as it contains less than 1% actual HCG. To offer real medical HCG, you must be a licensed medical professional or pharmacy. Even then, as HCG is a naturally occurring hormone and can't be patented, it will never be highly profitable for large drug companies, and is therefore not heavily promoted by them.
Pharmaceutical HCG vs Homeopathic
While homeopathic HCG has worked for some people, Dr. Simmeon's original diet used pharmaceutical-grade HCG. Homeopathic HCG contains less than 1% HCG, and relies on homeopathic principles to work, whereas pharmaceutical HCG contains 100% HCG. Full-strength pharmaceutical HCG is available by prescription only, while homeopathic is available over-the-couner.
Which Form is HCG is Best For Me?
HCG Injections are the best way to ensure that the full does is absorbed into the bloodstream. HCG pellets ("troches") are convenient as they do not require refrigeration or injections. Taking HCG sublingual liquid requires refrigeration, and uses a dropper to measure doses. All three forms have worked successfully for HCG dieters. We recommend injections, although if you travel frequently or want to avoid injections, HCG pellets are an effective alternative (HCG in pellet form is an extra $50).
We've partner with top HCG clinics around the nation, receive personalized service wherever you live.
All HCG and other supplements are guaranteed to be manufactured in U.S. based FDA certified facilities. This is not always the case for HCG purchased online!
Medically-based, ongoing coaching and support from experienced clinic staff. We are always there for you!
Taking the HCG diet can be a life-changing experience and requires a major commitment—why not assure you have the absolute best quality HCG and ongoing support from healthcare professionals. Make an investment in yourself to succeed with the HCG protocol!
  I started the HCG on November 16th at 186 lbs – 6 weeks later I still have 10 pounds to go to get to my target weight of 150 but 160 feels GREAT! It's the inches that really make a difference. The really cool thing is that somehow the HCG has reset my "fill" line so less food fills me up and I really don't want to eat too much.  
  Kelly J., Aspen  
  I lost 19 lbs so far on hcg! I'm ready to order my 2nd bottle for my next round. I hope to loose another 15 lbs to reach my goal weight! So many of my family & friends have purchased HCG from you as they wanted to know my diet secret, so I send them to you! Thank you!  
  Melissa K., Seattle  
  I am writing to let you know that I love your product! I was very skeptical at first, but wow! I've lost over 37 lbs and have dropped 3 sizes, in just over a month! My friend actually sent me my first bottle because I never would have even tried it!  
  John B., Norfolk